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Jingle Baubles, Jingle Baubles, Jingle all the way....

All right. It’s past midnight and December came out way too early this year. Looking at the living room finally empty after a busy day, now that kids and partner are finally asleep, it strikes you: nothing is really properly prepared for Christmas. Tree, Calendar, garlands, joyful and traditional Xmas lights and decorations, everything is almost missing.

Ok, it’s just a matter of time. But there is something else… why not adopting something new, glittery and marvellous this year too? To make Christmas

even better?

Must be joking! How? When? Who?

Unless we can manage to hire Santa Claus and his team of busy elves faster than the 4G network, it seems to be nearly impossible to get this nice and comfy Xmas atmosphere down here…. Indeed, there is this tricky equation to solve:

√ lack of time 100000 (Do It Yourself trend to follow to get a personalised Xmas)

= wonderful and enchanting surprises for beloved ones


Well… it’s time to think Petiotes, sweet baubles and our good fairy called Laure.

With her magic and genuinely genius* ideas for Xmas, all you need to do is to choose the type of bauble. Then you personalise them with lucky ones’ names or festive digits or winter wishes. Cherry on the cake, there is an additional little wonder: a charming and glossy ribbon at the top of the bauble; you can pick and choose its colour as well when you personalise your unique and happy bubble! Amongst these lovely baubles, you have:

- Delicate glass baubles, for Christmassy decorations

- Kinder Surprise concept baubles, to be filled with thoughtful little gifts (photos).Just pinch both sides of the bauble to open it (like a Kinder Surprise) and then put Xmas treats, candies, small toy(s) to surprise family and friends.

- …Or both –to be honest, they are a great combination of joy and design!

So back to our equation, the answer is so simple: with a touch of unique imagination + a spark of personalisation + a peel of beauty and a snowflake of joy, Petiotes got it all solved for you!! There you go: you have all the wonderful and enchanting surprises for beloved ones!!

See? There was no point bothering Santa Claus, Petiotes Xmas Magic Rescue Team is far more efficient!

Merry Xmas Everyone!

*yes, you can say that! Definitely not repetitive and at least we get the idea how fantastic it is

Written by Random Snowflake

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