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maxi beach bag blue flowers waterproof lining

Introducing our chic and functional maxi bags, the ultimate companion for your everyday adventures! Crafted with a waterproof lining, our maxi bags ensure that your belongings stay safe and dry, no matter the weather or the environment. From sandy shores to rainy days, you can trust our bags to protect your essentials.


Say goodbye to dull and uninspiring bags – ours is the chic upgrade you've been searching for. With its maxi size, our bag offers ample space for all your belongings. Whether you're packing towels and sunscreen for a beach day or stocking up on groceries for the week, our bag has you covered.


Say hello to the chic version of the iconic big blue bag, reimagined for the modern adventurer.

Waterproof lined and machine washable.

Approx 90 cm wide
Approx length 86 cm x Height 46 cm x Depth 38 cm 
100 % cotton / PU lining


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