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blue garden flowers toiletry bag waterproof lining

Introducing our collection of toiletry bags, where nature's beauty meets everyday convenience. Crafted from a serene blue garden flowers print fabric and a navy waterproof lining material, these bags seamlessly blend floral charm with practicality.


Designed to cater to both style and functionality, our toiletry bags feature a convenient size, making them perfect for organising all your travel essentials. Whether you're exploring botanical gardens or simply embarking on a weekend getaway, these wash bags are your essential travel companion.


Personalisation options allow you to add a touch of personal flair, with the choice to customise with initials or a complete name, ensuring each bag is uniquely yours. Plus, with machine washable features, maintenance is a breeze, keeping your bag looking fresh trip after trip.


Elevate your travel experience with our stylish and practical toiletry bags, meticulously crafted from the finest blue garden flowers print fabric, bringing a touch of natural beauty to your journeys.


Medium is approx 30 x 20 cm

100% cotton

Waterproof PU lining

Blue GARDEN FLOWERS Toiletry Bag - Waterproof Lining

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