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Adult FABRIC MASKS Blue Jivana Print

These Fabric Masks are not rated for disease control.


They have been made following instructions from the French AFNOR but will never replace proper professional masks (chirurgical masks, FFP2, FFP3...). You can find all the technical information on the Afnor Website following the link


They should be handled with care and washed (and dried) after each utilisation. They will need to be renewed after a certain amount of washes (we can not precise how many, but the fabric will naturally age quicker as the washing needs to be very frequent) 


They are made of 3, 100% cotton layers.

Two elastic bands behind the ears.


There is a soft metal strip to adapt the mask to the shape of your nose.

Approx 18 x 9 cm 


We will not be responsible if those masks do not protect you correctly.


10% of the masks sales will be given back to the NHS through different charities. The use of this money will be made public and available at each end of month. 

Key workers will benefit from free masks on proof of working.


COVID 19 : we are working with extra care, washing our hands before touching any fabric, using hand sanitiser very often. Each masks is steamed iron and then individually packed.

Adult FABRIC MASKS Blue Jivana Print

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